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Chocolate Math - Delicious Equations from the Bon Bon Queen

Here at South ‘n France we love gifts - both giving and receiving them. We also take great pleasure in the little joys in life, including magic. Here is a little bit of fun that proves to be a magical chocolate math gift. Who ever said that math couldn't be fun? We will prove that the number of times per week you'd like to eat bon bons will reveal your true age. Don’t believe us? Follow the steps below:
Step One: Choose the number of times per week you wish you could eat bon bons (More than once, but less than 10)

Step Two: Multiply this number by 2 (Just to be bold!)

Step Three: Add 5 (To cover at least one other bon-bon-worthy event per weekday that you might have missed...)

Step Four: Multiply this number by 50 (The average age of least resistance to chocolate by chocoholics nationwide)

Step Five:
A. If you have already had your birthday this year, add 1757.
B. If you have not had your birthday yet this year, add 1756.

Step Six: Now, subtract the 4-digit year in which you were born.

Step Seven: You should now have a 3-digit number. The first digit is your Original Number (how many times a week you'd like to eat bon bons). The next two numbers are your age! (Oh yes, it's true!!)

Now for the math teachers, engineers and other left-brained folk who believe in mathematical truth and not "magic"' I confess that this fun trick is driven by a simple algebra equation. But, I shall tell you no more. A good Southern woman never reveals her age...or her math equations! What always perplexes me is not how the math works, but why we must limit the number of times per week one would want to eat bon bons!

Would you like to send a magical chocolate gift that allows the recipient to receive multiple boxes of bon bons? It’s simple math - 8x6 or 8x9 equal a whole lot of handmade chocolate-y goodness. To learn more, check out our new 6 month and 9 month Bon Bon of the Month Clubs in our online shopping cart!

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