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Bad News Versus Bon News

Okay. Let's start with the bad news first - bon bons have calories. We like to pretend that's not the case. We joke that "If no one sees you eat a bon bon, it has no calories"; or "If you cut a bon bon in half before you eat it, it contains no calories because the process of breakage causes calorie leakage." One of my favorites is "If you eat a bon bon standing up, the calories go directly to your feet and get walked off". Truth is, like all deliciously decadent desserts, bon bons have calories too.

Now, here's the good news: bon bons have more flavor and less calories than many of their counterparts. Weigh the caloric content of these foods compared to a South 'n France Bon Bon and you'll find that indulging in a bon bon is... well, as those French women who don't get fat would say... très bon bon!

Grande Caramel Macchiato Coffee Drink: 250 calories
Café au Lait Bon Bon: 120 calories

4 oz. (1/4 pint) of Cookie Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream: 270 calories
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bon Bon: 130 calories


3 Chocolate Crème Sandwich Cookies: 195 calories
Cookies 'n Creme Bon Bon: 140 calories


And here's the best news of all: you know those mass market "luxury" chocolates in the gold boxes? They're factory-made and chock full of chemical additives. Now think of South 'n France Bon Bons, made with natural ingredients, by hand, with no additives or preservatives. You'll get about 440 calories in only 3 ounces of those gold-boxed chocolates, but 3 bon bons (approximately 1 ounce each) comes in at only 394 calories. So how does one celebrate today’s good news? With a bon bon and a glass of champagne (75 calories) for dessert, of course!


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