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Clients Weigh In On Bon Bon Calories

A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch.
-James Beard
Last week, we released the caloric content of our bon bons. The response from our clients has been so interesting! We’ve heard everything from: “No wonder Fudge Brownie is my favorite bon bon flavor—it has the most calories (140)!” to this, our favorite response:

OK. So I appreciate your responding to your customer’s inquiries about caloric intake but SERIOUSLY, they are SO GOOD, WHO CARES??!!!!!!! I say: ‘If you watch your calories on your main meals (take the time to make a yummy salad or yummy lean dish as opposed to grabbing fast food), then desert is where you SPLURGE!!!’ Ah, I should have been a nutritionist.

Peace and MUCH Bon Bon love from your Bon Bon eating (with no shame or counting) fitness fanatic friend,

It’s true that we do have many clients who are “fitness fanatics”, including several fitness instructors and a dietician. Why? We believe it stems from the concept that “there ain’t nothing like the real thing” when it comes to being fully sated. Because we make our bon bons the old fashioned way with real ingredients, they are delicious and satisfying. You really can eat just one. In fact, not so long ago a customer called to place an order because “she was going on a diet”. She explained that although she intended to lose weight, she did not intend to give up chocolate; therefore, she was ordering “the best”. She planned to store the bon bons in her freezer and eat one whenever she craved something chocolate-y and sweet.
This philosophy is right in line with that of Mireille Guillano, author of French Women Don’t Get Fat. Her book addresses The French Paradox, their ability to eat good food, drink fine wine, and remain slim and healthy. Guillano attributes the French women's penchant for slimness to their attitude toward food, a focus on the best and freshest ingredients consumed in moderation, and frequent, brisk walking. Her message is: “Be good to yourself, be good to your body, and enjoy!”

As for chocolate, she is a big fan. Guillano advises us to relish the experience of eating chocolate. Take small bites. With each bite, take a moment to hold the chocolate in your mouth so you can savor the flavors and their nuances. When you allow yourself the pleasure of fully enjoying the experience (French women eschew all guilt around eating), just one piece of chocolate will feel like so much more. Oh, and Caroline, you’re right. There's hardly a mention of calories in the entire book.

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