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  • South ‘n France Bon Bons won Best in Show at the Wilmington Chocolate Festival in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2012! We were also voted Best New Chocolate Product at the 114th Philadelphia National Candy Show.
  • Bonbons or bon bons?  In most American dictionaries, it’s spelled “bonbon”.  However, we use “bon bon”, which literally translates from French as “goody-goody”.  No matter how you spell it, they are delicious!
  • Each bon bon is dipped by hand using a 22/140 sized needle, which means it’s only .0163" in diameter!
  • That little hole in the bon bon is made by the dipping needle. It’s a status symbol - proof that you’re getting a handmade, hand-dipped bon bon.
  • If you ever see us at a festival or show, do not sneak one of the bon bons on display! They are made of Styrofoam balls and/or Play-Doh.  (Yes, people have been known to steal one and take a bite…)
  • The very first South ‘n France Bon Bon was sold at the Carolina Chocolate Festival in Morehead City, North Carolina, to a visitor from California.   She became an instant (and lifelong) fan, also ordering our first shipment of bon bons.
  • Many people find us online by searching “sitting around eating bon bons”.
  • Our most expensive bon bon package was worth more than $300,000.00. Inside the box, was not just our chocolate, but the keys to a new house!
  • Our bon bons just may be the best-dressed chocolates in the world. They have their very own custom wardrobes, created for our holiday photo shoots.  They have an entire closet of miniature hats, scarves, quilts, and accessories.
  • Studies have shown that 12 out of every 10 people love bon bons!
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